ISSN: 1812-237X

Volume 5, Issue 2

Volume 5, Issue 2, Autumn 2008, Page 41-94


Mustafa A. Al-Mukhtar

Iraqi Journal of Aquaculture, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 41-50

This review article deals with the documentation of all the previous work on the propagation of Gattan. It was found that the induced spawning of Gattan is similar to that of common carp and Bunnei. The sensitive brooders needs a great care during handling and transportation. The brooders weight 5 were 1.5-10 kg for females and 1-2.5kg for males, with age of 4-9 and 3-6 for the females and males respectively. The artificial breeding season continue from10 March till mid June. The MS222 was used for anesthesia with a concentration of 1/10000. Carp pituitary gland extract (CPG) was used in all the previous work, with different dosage wobbled between 3-6mg/kg for females and 2-3mg/kg for males. The total dosage was divided to 10% for the first injection and 90% for the second. The sex products was obtained after 12-14h from the second injection. The fertilized eggs were incubated in Zoug jars, at 23-25C◦ and water current of 0.5-0.7l/min. The hatching was complete within three days. The larvae were reared in two stages the first in indoor incubators and the second in earthen ponds.


Amir A. Jaber; Kadhum H. Youns; M.H .AL Mossawy

Iraqi Journal of Aquaculture, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 51-64

اجريَ مسح ميداني لـ 41 مزرعة اسماك في أقضية محافظة ميسان خلال عام 2008 .أظهرالمسح إن أعلى عدد لمزارع الأسماك كان في مركز مدينة العمارة وقضاء الكحلاء وبلغ عشرة مزا رع. (24.4% ) اكبر عدد للمزارع انشأ خلال عام 2007 وبلغ 16 مزرعة ، بلغت المساحة المائية المستزرعة 1196 دونم ، اكبر مساحة مائية كانت في قضاء المجر وبلغت 853 دونم (67.5%) من المساحة الكلية وأدنى مساحة في قضاء الميمونة وبلغت 13 دونم ( 2.44% ). بلغ عدد المزارع الأقل من 10 دونم 26 مزرعة (63.4% من العدد الكلي للمزارع) وأعلى عدد سجل في قضاء الميمونة وبلغ ثمانية مزارع ( 30.8% ) ، فيما كانت المزارع الأقل من 50 دونم 13 مزرعة ( 31.7% ) أما أعداد المزارع الأكبر من 100 دونم كانت مزرعة واحدة فقط في قضاء المجر .أعلى نسبة من المزارع المشيدة بواسطة السداد كانت في قضاء المجر وبلغت 16.66% .أما أعداد الأحواض المنشاه بواسطة الحفر والسداد كانت في قضاء قلعة صالح وبلغت 45.5% . استخدمت ثلاث طرق لملأ الأحواض هي مضخات الديزل و الكهرباء والسيح وكانت نسبها 57.4 % ، 33.33% ، 9.25% على التوالي.تعددت مصادر الزريعة بين مفاقس المحافظات ( مفقس مركز علوم البحار25% ومفاقس الصويرة 51%) ومزارع المربين والبيئة. أعلى عدد للأسماك المستزرعة كان من نصيب اسماك الكارب الاعتيادي C.carpio وبلغت 1181100 سمكة ( 84.5% من العدد الكلي ). أعلى نسبة من الكارب الاعتيادي كانت في قلعة صالح وبلغت 100% ، كانت أعلى نسبة من اسماك الكارب العشبي في قضاء المجر (11.30% ) تليها اسماك الكارب الفضي بالمرتبة الثالثة وبلغت 65250 سمكة ( 4.66% ). تباين نوع الاستزراع في أقضية محافظة ميسان منها ما اعتمد على الاستزراع المفرد فقط 100% (قلعة صالح ) ، وبعضــها اعتمد على الاستــزراع المختلط (علي الغربي والكحلاء) . بينما اعتمدت بقية الاقضية على كلا النوعين من الاستزراع وبنسب مختلفة . بلغ معدل الاستزراع الكلي في المحافظة 1168 سمكة / دونم . فيما بلغ عدد العاملين في مزارع الأسماك في أقضية محافظة ميسان 70 عاملاً. أعلى عدد للعمالة كان في مركز العمارة وبلغ 19 عاملاً بلغت نسبة ألاميين منهم( 22.8%) و الابتدائية. ( 52.8%) و المتوسطة ( 17.4%) و الإعدادية .(4.3% ) وتباينت مستويات الخبرة من حيث إدارة المزرعة بينالخبرة القليلة والمتوسطة، بلغت نسبة المزارع المعتمدة على الأسمدة الحيوانية 39% والأسمدة الكيماوية والحيوانية 20% والمزارع التي لم تستخدم الأسمدة بنوعيها 41%

Growth rates of young Buni Barbus sharpeyi (Gunther,1874) and Common carp Cyprinus carpioL. under laboratory conditions

Qusay H. Al-Hamadany

Iraqi Journal of Aquaculture, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 65-72

Fishes of buni ,(Barbus sharpeyi (Gunther,1874)) with average weight (20.13 ± 1.77) gm and common carp ,(Cyprinus carpio) with average weight (20.63 ± 0.56) gm were reared in eight plastic aquariums of 15Lcabacity. Four treatments (two replicates) were carried out as following:(1) 10 common carp per aquarium, (2) 8 buni and 8 common carp in one aquaria, (3) 6 buni and 6 common carp in another aquarium and (4) 10 buni per aquarium. Artificial food (29.31% protein) was fed to the fishes once daily 3% of body weight. Water temperature was 26-28˚C, Oxygen concentration 6.2mg/L and pH 8.1 .Results showed no significant (P>0.05) differences between buni in 2 ,3 ,4 treatments, however fish in treatments 4 (0.059 gm) mean growth rate showed better growth than of fish in both 2 , 3(0.053,0.056gm). The experiment showed highest growth parameters of common carp compared with buni .This may be due to its efficiency in utilization of food comparing to buni, which showed lower growth parameters .More experiments are needed , using different types of diets to achieve better growth of buni .

The Study of Nature of Fish Assemblage in Al-Saffia Reservation , Al-Huwaizah Marshes , Iraq

Kadhum H. Youns; Mustafa A. Al-Mukhtar; Layla M. Al-Katrani

Iraqi Journal of Aquaculture, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 73-84

The study include the description of fish assemblage in Al-Saffia reservation during the period March 2006 to February 2007 .Sixteen of osteichthyes species were obtained, the highest number of species (13) was recorded during July and the lowest (7) in November and January . The largest number of individuals collected was obtained during July (212) and the lowest in February (124) . Four species formed (71.02)% include Alburnus mossulensis (20.64%) Liza abu (19.62%) Barbus luteus (16.13%) Carassius auratus(14.46%) .The annual values of richness (D), diversity (H) and evenness (J) were 1.95 , 2.12 and 0.76 respectively .

A Biotic Ecological Characteristics of Three Selected Fish Farms in Babylon and Basrah Provinces, Iraq

Sadik A. Hussein; Jasim M. Abed; N. K. Salem

Iraqi Journal of Aquaculture, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 85-94

The study is part of a comprehensive work to investigate impact of fish enemies on cultivated species. It has taken in consideration some vital abiotic characteristics necessary for cultivated fishes. Three fish farms were selected in two provinces, namely Al-Manahel fish farm (presently called Al-Belad) in Babylon province; Basrah University fish farm (Marine Science Center) and Al-Mutawaa fish farm situated south to city of Basrah. Water samples were monitored on monthly basis for the period from January to October 2002. Several parameters namely, temperature, pH, salinity, total alkalinity and total hardness were measured. The highest water temperature (31ºC) was recorded in July and August from Al-Mutawaa fish farm and the maximum pH value (8.0) was encountered during January from Basrah university fish farm and the lowest (pH=7.2) in May from the same farm. Results indicate a notable rise in salinity in Al-Mutawaa fish farm and the highest (6.0 g/L) encountered in June and the lowest (2.8 g/L) in March. The maximum concentration of total alkalinity (172 mg/L) was from Al-Mutawaa as well recorded in September. Values of total hardness were almost similar in Al-Manahel and Basrah university fish farms, but the latter revealed a bit higher value in May (581 mg/L) , whereas Al-Mutawaa fish farm showed, by no means, the highest concentrations all the year round, but the maximum (880 mg/L) was detected in March.